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January 28, 2008


Wes Crawford

This is generous of you. Thanks. Any plans to continue with another project?

Brian Moss

Wes - I'm writing and hope to record the next psalms project this summer. My plans are to do something similar to the style of the by/for project mentioned in previous posts. Thanks for your interest.

Scott Hanson

Thanks for making your music available for free. It is very generous. I love the by/for concept and am eagerly waiting for that project to be available.
I can't wait for your next installment of the psalms too.
Interestingly, the Sovereign Grace folks next worship conference will be focused on the psalms. http://worshipgodconference.com/
On a side note, you sent me charts for some of your hymns from "Not What My Hands Have Done" and "Grace that is Greater" is now part of our regular rotation.

Brian Moss

Scott- You are welcome. I'm glad you have been able to use the arrangement of Grace That Is Greater. Peace, Brian

Brian T. Murphy

wow - giving the record away for free download. inspiring.

by the way, I totally dig the by/for idea. I'd like to talk to you more about that. my leanings are definitely in that direction when it comes to ownership / licensing of music.

Brian Moss

Brian T. Murphy-

Yes, we should talk more about this. I'm extremely happy with how everything has gone so far with the by/for experiment.


HL McConnell

Brian, you inspire me brother. Thank you for be open before the Lord. Your are is a blessing....HL McConnell

The Millers

Thank you so much for this free download. I live overseas and I am always looking for solid, scripturally based music. This is a blessing. I happened to find your site by navigating first from igracemusic.com to purevolume.com and then doing a search for you on Google.com.

I looked for your album, "Not What My Hands Have Done" on the Amazon mp3 music store but couldn't find it. Is there another place where I can download that album?

Brian Moss

The only place where you can buy "Not What My Hands Have Done" is at iTunes. (http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=86066396) That may change in the near future, but unfortunately that's the only way for now. Thanks, Brian

Bernard Bell

I found your PrayerBook #1 a couple of days ago from Greg Scheer's review of Psalms CDs at Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, while looking for settings of Psalm 13. I applaud your goal to work through the psalms, and look forward to the results. Thanks for making them so freely available.
I see you've just been at Laity Lodge. I was at Regent with David Taylor and Steven Purcell, and was recently given Makoto Fujimura's Refractions.
I'm sure you'll have a great time at Regent. You sound like a perfect match.

Brian Moss


Thanks for saying hi. I just arrived in Vancouver today and am staying at Duffy Lott Gibb's place for a couple of nights. She says hi!


Bernard Bell

Hi to Duffy! It's a small world!


PLEASE continue with your project. I really feel that the Lord is impressing on us that it will be vital to sing and pray His Word! There is something IMPORTANT to this work! your sister in Yeshua, Linda

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